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JR Development Model Overview

In the global economic trend today, we can see that the world is heading towards one world, one economic market. Accordingly, world’s central and regional governments are looking for ways to, and are in desperate need of comprehensive development model to bring their respective cities and countries into this global trend in order for them to grow and become an active participant in the global economy.

To this issue, we bring you the JR Model.

JR Model Overview

JR model represents global cities that will lead the world to the future.

  • Strengthen nations and increase global competitiveness by focusing on bringing together global companies and organizations along with their network.
  • Foster and develop international trade, finance and fashion that are appropriate for the growth of these cities.
  • Complete the global city by simultaneously matching the commercial development with development of premium residential, education, medical, culture and other services.

JR Model Vision

Provide the driving force behind national and regional economic development.
Enable a city to be recognizable and identifiable to the world for its value.
Generate actual and sustained job creation, high employment and active establishment and growth of small and medium sized businesses.
Attract, invigorate public, private and foreign investments.
Reflect eco-friendly environments to minimize climate change and global warming

JR Model Concept

It develops the global city basically as demanded, required by the hosting nation and region, and also service facilities of high quality uniquely designed for its residents in housing, education, medical care, culture, etc.

EXIM Tower World Fashion Tower
Develop a central business district for international trade including EXIM TOWER, led by ITO-EXIM.

Develop a global finance district and its financing network, led by WTB (World Trade Bank).
Develop a world fashion city including a World Fashion Tower, led by the WFO (World Fashion Organization).

Develop clustered fashion businesses ranging from fashion design, manufacturing, trade, to MICE industry by sharing the global network of various organizations under WFO.
Multi-use Complex
Our complexes include residential, educational, medical, cultural, entertainment, commercial facilities and others.

The WFDM® has full rights and responsibilities to develop these global cities
as we hold the exclusive global rights to develop these cities based on
our partnerships with ITO-EXIM, WTB, WFO and its affiliates.