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World Fashion City FAQ

  • 1. How large does the project site have to be?
  • Land plots for World Fashion City projects can vary in size from 5 ha to upwards of 200 ha. The exact size for a particular World Fashion City will be determined based to the needs and characteristics of the specific city/location.

    Even if a project site is larger than what is initially required, the whole region can be designated as a World Fashion City and can be built out in stages.
  • 2. Typically, how much floor space per m2 of development site occurs during the first phase of a World Fashion City project?
  • Floor-area ratio for each project should comply with each government’s development rules and regulations in accordance with respective zoning regulations (e.g. commercial, office, residential, etc.).

    Accordingly, a detailed financial analysis will determine the exact floor-area ratio for each project to ensure that the project is in compliance with local regulations, meet the needs of local and regional economic development goals, and provide outstanding return for investors.
  • 3. What is the height requirement (in floors) of the main tower in a World Fashion City?
  • We do not have a specific height requirement for our main tower. As alluded to in the previous question, the specifics, height, floor space, etc., will be determined based on the needs of the city while taking into account financial requirements. In addition, we strongly feel that our main tower needs to reflect the host city since it will serve to spot light the city. And hence, in addition to architectural requirements, our main tower will serve to reflect the cultural and other aspects specific to our host city.
  • 4. What is the preference regarding the land plot location in relation to transportation networks, airports, and access to utilities?
  • Infrastructure, including but not limited to, transportation networks, airports, seaports, highways, and connection to all engineering utilities are essential to a WFC development project. Therefore, the site needs to be located near the city center, or at minimum, within the outer city boundary under the city’s urban development plan.

    In a city where such a plot of land is not available, we can entertain a potential development if it can be integrated into a local/regional government’s new town development initiative as a part of that city’s long term development plan. In such a case, we anticipate that the government will provide substantial support, legal and financial, in order to attract global investment into such a project.
  • 5. We would like to develop a WFC. What is the general procedure in developing a WFC? What are general terms and conditions required in developing a WFC?
  • General procedure:
    As soon as a prospective city submits their development plan with detailed information on the proposed land plot(s), as well as a prospective local partner(s), WFO/WFDM will commence a comprehensive review process. If a proposed plan is deemed appropriate, a Framework Agreement shall be executed. After the framework agreement signing, relevant parties will conduct further due diligence to a point where a level High Terms and Conditions regarding the establishment of an SPC and roles and responsibilities of a local partner(s) can be detailed in executing a Executive Agreement that will signal the launch of a WFC development project.

    Terms & Condition :
    All documents related to the development of a WFC (Framework Agreement, High Level Terms & Conditions, Executive Agreement) can be provided to local partners upon their approval under an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement).

    No document can be made public, or distributed to any third party, without an NDA and an explicit written permission from the WFO/WFDM. All sensitive documents are held in confidence due to significant competition among prospective sites/cities/countries, and because terms and conditions need to reflect the evolution of WFO/WFDM policies.

    Also, please be advised that in executing any agreement with WFO/WFDM, original or any subsequent version, CANNOT be distributed to any prospective partners until they have been approved by the WFO/WFDM and an explicit written permission is granted by the WFO/WFDM.

    All agreements related to the development of a WFC (Framework Agreement, High Level Terms & Conditions, Executive Agreement) are standard agreements approved by the international consortium, and once executed, details CANNOT be modified except for orthographic mistakes.