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World Fashion Organization


Ki Heon (Joshua) Roh
President & CEO
Member of the Board of Directors, World Fashion Organization®
in charge of International Development & Management

Ki Heon (Joshua) Roh has been a creative force in the global real estate development industry for the past decade. As the president of the WFDM®, he is leading the charge in developing world class complexes that leverage the latest development models and robust networks of partners to create destinations of choice for international organizations and locals alike. He is leading the development efforts in New York, Hawaii, USA / Istanbul, Bodrum, TURKEY / Baku, AZERBAIJAN / Kiev, Odessa, Truskavets, UKRAINE / SINGAPORE / Shanghai, CHINA and a number of other major cities around the world.

Joshua also served as the president of WTC Energy Group where he developed a new property development model for WTC developments. In addition, Joshua honed his strong leadership and corporate management skills while serving as a venture capitalist and a property development strategy consultant in his prior roles.