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WFO National Chapter

§ Associate Membership

WFO’s Associate membership is composed of WFO National Chapters sharing the objectives as set forth in the Introductory Statement contributing to its purposes stated in WFO Constitution.  

In principal, WFO individual members shall be represented by and through the respective WFO National Chapter in each country. Therefore, any individual member whose affiliation to a WFO National Chapter is terminated for any reason shall, ipso facto, be removed from membership in WFO. WFO National Chapter for a country shall be generally called in the format of “Country name-WFA”, for example, as “U.S. WFA” and “France WFA” or vice versa unless otherwise duly approved by WFO World Headquarters.  

i) Subject to WFO Constitution, the pre-qualified organizations which represent the main international fashion business of their country, they also may initiate to establish the WFO National Chapter for a country by signing WFO Charter between the Assembly of Governors and the prospective WFO National Chapter.  

ii) For the organization which is duly approved as WFO National Chapters in a country, however, does not adopt the name of WFA and logo as primary, i.e. being already known as other names such as International Fashion Association, its precise names is left to the discretion of its members, provided that its relationship with WFO along with WFO name and logo is clearly indicated on its letterhead, publications and documentation.  

iii) In the absence of WFO National Chapter therein, the World Headquarters shall function as the respective WFO National Chapter pro tempore until after the WFO National Chapter for a country is duly established for its representation.  

iv) As Associate member, WFO National Chapters may participate, without voting powers, in the meetings of the Assembly of Governors, it being understood that together they shall be represented by a delegation of a very limited number and that due consideration shall be given to their worldwide representation. The persons making up this delegation are appointed yearly by the Assembly of Governors, upon proposal of the Board of Governors.