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Patents and Trademarks

<B>HRD Group</B> to Continue Work On WFO Sites As the lead developer, HRD Group, the world renowned development and management group, is tasked with building the online marketplace and improving the way the WFO-related sites worked. HRD Group will keep providing ongoing maintenance, software development and technology support to the WFO-related sites. HRD Group’s work has already included simplifying the process for the WFO-related sites to seamlessly function together.  HRD Group also expands the scope of the project to include World Fashion Exchange eMarketplace and transitions for WFO-related sites that have operated their own sites but migrated to WFO framework. HRD Group's work in all of these areas will continue, as HRD Group continuously enhances the capability supporting fashioners, strategic alliances, partners and CMS—focused on simplifying and streamlining the fashioner's experience.

For more details, please contact WFO Press Division.

¶ <B>WFO'S iPORTAL</B> as a gateway to the world of fashion, which is built upon WFO's Patented Technology for the Fashion on Trade® in a revolutionary way in navigation, media, communication, hosting and etc. (U.S.PTO 11/264083; U.S.PTO 11/419244, U.S.PTO 11/419220 and many others in Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Properties).

§This WFO Headquarters' website is developed in the most efficient and effective and, more important, the "simplest and most optimized navigational way" to communicate among members around the world in whatever technological and web environments, at the same time, being seamlessly supported by and streamlined with all its service specialty sub-websites built upon the state-of-arts technology§