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WFO’s iConcierge

With WFO’s iConcierge, the travel concierge service that helps WFO members travel well for less, WFO members are able to create their own travel profile, connect with travelers who have similar interests, get a guaranteed personalized answer to their travel questions from destination experts, share insider travel tips, and save off top-rated hotels.

For many travelers, using the Internet to plan travel is both tedious and time-consuming—there’s a plethora of information and advice available, but much of it is poor quality, unreliable, or irrelevant to the WFO member’s specific interests. Paying a travel expert is costly, but free information is often too anonymous to trust, and it can take countless hours to sift through online content.

WFO’s iConcierge breaks through the noise to offer personalized travel recommendations, deals, and access to a vibrant community of like-minded travelers, i.e. World Fashion. Unlike other online travel services, WFO’s iConcierge’s personalized approach allows WFO members to receive specific travel recommendations and advice.

Specifically, WFO’s iConcierge offers:

Up-to-date travel recommendations: Once a member completes a profile, WFO’s iConcierge provides a member with continuously updated recommended travel guides and WFO’s iConcierge members.

Traveler compatibility: WFO’s iConcierge helps each member receive relevant travel advice by assessing how similar other WFO’s iConcierge members are, so they know whom to seek advice from.

Exclusive hotel deals: WFO’s iConcierge provides select deals at top 4-5 star hotels, based on exclusive reverse auctions and flash sales that are available only to members. WFO’s iConcierge’s reverse auctions provide the best deal anywhere for the featured hotels, with significant discounts.

Destination Q&A: WFO’s iConcierge members can easily see other members who live in, or loved the destination, and pose questions to them via private messaging. Members also have the option of posting their question on a destination’s Q&A page to get a guaranteed, personalized answer from a WFO’s iConcierge destination expert.

Curated travel guides: These guides, available only on WFO’s iConcierge, are written with a specific interest in mind, such as adventure travel, foodie travel, family travel, romantic travel, budget travel or business travel. Popular topics have included how to select the best travel credit card, tips for fine dining with toddlers, and incredibly delicious, can’t-miss restaurants in Paris.