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WFO SPONSORSHIP:  <B>World Fashion Events</B> and <B>WFO's sponsored Events</B>.
√ If you have any World Fashion events in the future, please provide us with those info. in details., then, they will be featured through WFO media network over the world.  Questions or comments? Please visit <B><I>WFO Sponsor/Partnership</I></B>, E-mail us at info@wfoi.org or call (+1) 800-WFO-0990

Please visit <B>Main menu for Investor Relations</B> alongside <B>Media/Video Introduction</B> for WFO-focused projects worldwide!

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World Fashion Organization® (WFO®) is the world’s largest, not-for profit and apolitical fashion entity serving all the World Fashion City®  and World Fashion Association® along with World Fashion Bank® around the world under the motto of “We Fashion All©” and "Mode of Life©" for “Peace through Fashion©”

<B>§ PEACE INITIATIVE </B>  World Fashion Organization® is nominated for Nobel Peace Prize, collectively and jointly, since 2011.  <I><B>WFO's Voluntary activities for Peace over the world and grasp the chance to serve others.</B></I>

¶ <B>WFO'S iPORTAL</B> as a gateway to the world of fashion, which is built upon WFO's Patented Technology for the Fashion on Trade® in a revolutionary way in navigation, media, communication, hosting and etc. (U.S.PTO 11/264083; U.S.PTO 11/419244, U.S.PTO 11/419220 and many others in Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Properties).

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