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Resignations and Termination of Membership

a. Members may terminate their membership in WFO by resignation provided that their resignation is presented through their local WFO or WFO National Chapter.

b. Any member whose affiliation to a WFO National Chapter is terminated for any reason shall ipso facto be removed from membership in WFO.

c. The list of terminations shall be submitted to the Assembly of Governors for its information at its meetings.

d. Either at the request of the WFO National Chapter to which the member belongs, or at

that of the Chairman & Chief Executive Officer for Special Members or on its own motion, the Assembly of Governors may terminate any WFO membership provided that in the judgment of three-quarters of the votes that may be cast by the delegates present at the relevant meetings of the Assembly of Governors, such termination of membership is in the best interests of WFO.

e. Any such termination of membership as set forth in the preceding paragraph, shall be final.

f. Termination of membership shall be notified to the member by the WFO National Chapter to which the member belongs or, in the case of countries without a WFO National Chapter, by the World Headquarters.

g. Members who have not remitted their dues to WFO for two consecutive years shall be automatically removed from membership in WFO.