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World Fashion City®-Regular Member

§ WFO’s regular membership is composed of World Fashion Cities sharing the objectives as set forth in the Introductory Statement contributing to its purposes stated in WFO Constitution.

1) World Fashion City for a city shall be generally called in the format of “city name-World Fashion City (WFC)”, for example, as “New York World Fashion City” and “Paris World Fashion City” or vice versa unless otherwise duly approved by WFO World Headquarters.

2) Subject to the provisions of WFO Constitution, the pre-qualified organizations or/and governments, they also may initiate to establish the World Fashion City for a city by signing WFO Charter between the Assembly of Governors and the prospective World Fashion City along with Executive Agreement for Establishing the World Fashion City.

§ In the global economic trend today, we can see that the world is heading towards one world, one economic market. Accordingly, world’s central and regional governments are looking for ways to, and are in desperate need of comprehensive development model to bring their respective cities and countries into this global trend in order for them to grow and become an active participant in the global economy.
To this issue, we bring to you the Patented and copyrighted Development Model-World Fashion City®.