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§ Individual Member

Any WFO member except for the Regular, Affiliated and Special Member shall be Individual Member. 
Individual Member shall belong to the respective Regular, Affiliated and Special Member within its region, city or territory, except for the World Headquarters’ approval at the WFO National Chapter’s suggestion. In the absence of Regular, Affiliated and Special Member organizations, it shall apply its membership directly to the WFO National Chapter therein, and then, in the absence of WFO National Chapter, the World Headquarters itself may be considered as a WFO National Chapter pro tempore until after it is duly established. The modalities for such activities and the rights shall be defined on a case-by-case basis.

- Corporations and companies in international fashion industry;
- Fashion business and employers federations;
- Law firms and consultancies;
- Business association and organization in the international fashion;
- Export-Import service, insurance, customs for the international fashion; and
- Individuals involved in international fashion business.

b. The notification by a WFO National Chapter of the fact that associations, organizations and legal entities belong to it, results in their membership in WFO, unless the WFO Assembly of Governors objects to such membership at its next meeting. WFO Regional Chapter, shall notify to WFO as the same way as WFO National Chapter does for its members, if not done through WFO National Chapter.

All WFO members shall be entered on a register maintained by the World Headquarters.