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Special Membership

§ Special Membership

a. Only for the worldwide associations, organizations, multinational corporations and legal entities at global scale in a various range of interests and of great importance in the international fashion, the WFO Assembly of Governors may accept those as Special Members upon proposal of the Executive Board of Governors. WFO shall limit membership so that from any given field or interest shall be only one WFO’s Special Member in this regard.

However, the benefits and privileges shall be very limited in comparison with those vested in WFO Affiliated Membership.

b. In principal, the association or organization worldwide applying for Special Membership based on the ethnic connection, religious background and professions shall be called in the format of “Specific Purpose or field-WFA” or a similar format, for example, as “Chinese American WFA” or “WFA for Movie Costumes”, unless otherwise duly approved by WFO World Headquarters.

For those established associations or organizations which do not adopt the name of WFA and logo as primary, their precise names are left to the discretion of their members, provided that their relationship with WFO along with WFO name and logo is clearly indicated on their letterhead, publications and documentation.

c. Special Members may participate, without voting powers, in WFO meetings commonly known as World Fashion Congress and World Fashion Conference.

d. They are kept informed of the work of WFO through appropriate documentation.

e. Upon proposal of the Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, the Executive Board of Governors may decide to associate a Special Member to the work of any WFO Committee, however, without any voting powers, if any.

f. Special Members may participate, without voting powers, in the meetings of the Assembly of Governors, it being understood that together they shall be represented by a delegation of a very limited number and that due consideration shall be given to their worldwide representation. The persons making up this delegation are appointed yearly by the Assembly of Governors, upon proposal of the Executive Board of Governors.