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WFO Goodwill Ambassdor

§ Appointment of Grand Regent, working as WFO's Goodwill Ambassador-in-large, the highest echelon established for the <B>First Lady</B>

"....A regent, from the Latin regens, is a person or group of persons selected to act as head of state..."

              WFO Grand Regents are chosen not only because of their name recognition but more particularly because of the respect with which they are held world-wide and their appeal as genuine humanitarians. As a global World Fashion Organization Grand Regent they would assist us in our advocacy and program efforts and in communicating to a broad public the vision and values that guide World Fashion Organization’s work for fashion industry.

The global reach of World Fashion Organization would offer WFO Goodwill Ambassadors unique access to audiences around the world as they help disseminate World Fashion Organization’s messages.

This appointment would also provide them with an international platform to urge global leaders to commit more human and financial resources to creating a world truly fit for "Fashion for Peace.

<I><B>Please review WFO POLICY on Goodwill Ambassadorship and apply now as the global fashion leader, joining the First Ladies around the world!</B></I>