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<I><B><I>¶ </I>World Fashion Organization® (WFO®)</B></I>  is known as the world’s  largest, not-for profit, apolitical & private entity serving World Fashion City®, World Fashion Association® (WFA®), World Fashion University®, World Fashion Pageant®, World Fashion Peace Prize® and World Fashion Olympiad®.  *Please visit <B>World Fashion Bank</B>, A Specialized Industrial Division of <B>World Trade Banking Group</B><B>® (IO/TBD).</B>

The Premier Benefits Worldwide   Members of an entity affiliated with WFO are eligible for many member benefits offered by WFO as well as by WFO’s subsidiary, affiliate and strategic partners for their members to obtain reduced rates on a wide variety of world fashion services.

<I><B>iPortal of World Trade Infrastructure Exchange (WTX)</B></I>; WTX is to be the unique International Trading Ground for a variety of Infrastructures in the forms of commodities, facilities, utilities, assets rights into securitization securing the liquidity, safety and profitability (WTX business-model is patent-pending in major jurisdictions)

<B><B><I><B><B><I>MEETING AND EVENTS<BR></I></B></B></I></B></B>*World Fashion University and WFO Celebration
*Annual Executive
World Fashion Brands & Merchandising/Executive Board Meeting

Please visit <B>Main menu for World Fashion IR</B> alongside <B>Media/Video Introduction</B>.

"WORLD FASHION CITY® "OVER THE WORLD!  Proudly Introducing the Project of Year!

<I><B>World Fashion City®</B></I> (World Trade Platform) Being built upon the WFO's Patented & Trademarked World Tradepolis: Coming in 2020-22 for USA, TURKEY, JAPAN, UKRAINE, AZERBAIJAN, SINGAPORE, RUSSIA, CHINA, ITALY, CYPRUS, QATAR, UAE, MEXICO... 

§ As WFO Member, under the motto of “We Fashion All© (WFA®)” and "Fashion, Mode of Life©" for "Fashion for Peace©", you can <B>download</B> the assorted WFO logos suitable to your status.

§<I><B>WFO Headquarters' websites</B></I> are developed in the most efficient and effective and, more important, the "simplest and most optimized navigational way" to communicate among members around the world in whatever technological and web environments, at the same time, being seamlessly supported by and streamlined with all its service specialty sub-websites built upon the state-of-arts technology§

§ World Fashion Brands and Merchandising is a group supporting WFO Member's global marketing campaign! PLEASE VISIT <B>WORLD FASHION BRANDS AND MERCHANDISING GROUP</B> for introduction of  the global fashion brands of  World Fashion Collection®, alongside World Fashion Galleria®, fashion specialty Store concept.

¶ FUTURE VENUE FOR WFO GLOBAL HEADQUARTERS (FREEDOM TOWER AS 1 WTC IN NEW YORK in planning) WFO's Goal is to establish, no later than year 2022, WFO National Chapter in every country on the earth for the first time in human history alongside World Fashion City. Please contact <B>WFO Executive Secretariat worldwide</B>.

                          FASHION TRADE®