The beauty of imperfection.

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A Variety of Designer Clothing featuring World Fashion

We believe in the transformational Power of Fashion©.
Our Collection works closely with World Fashion City® (the patented and copyrighted JR Development Model®) in coordination with World Fashion Brands & Merchandising and World Fashion Production Company Group.

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Word Fashion Collection is to dedicate square footage to the in-store experience and not simply product.
Word Fashion Collection houses fewer hard shops and more soft shops. The strategy is taking a more flexible approach in expressing a brand’s presence, whether it’s a few featured fixtures at the aisle to create an icon shop or a feature wall sitting within the World Fashion Collection’s framework. The key is that it gives each facility an opportunity to remerchandise easily when strategies change or new resources are introduced.

Inspired by the "spirit of Regent’, The World Fashion Collection features those brands highlight the Regent’s beauty and dignity