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The services of WFO Online® Network, by its own or in partnership with the strategic alliances, are organized into the following categories (currently in service & planned):  
-           WFO Bank: In cooperation with World Fashion Bank (ID/TBD), provides guarantees of working capital loans for qualified exporters in fashion industry. Also provide credit insurance that protects exporters against the risks of non-payment.
-           WFO BizTourism: A leading membership based travel program designed especially for WFO clients. Provides the benefits of convenient travel arrangements and discounted travel costs.  
-           WFO Card: In cooperation with World Fashion Bank (ID/TBD), WFO Card offers payment services for world fashion, travel and businesses around the world through WFO client’s financial institutions.  
-           WFO Community: Explore the international business sector with WFO Fashion Community to see what is happening in and around the world and who is exporting and importing.
-           WFO Consulting: Instills a desire to start the member’s import or export business on fashion or expand member’s current business into new global markets. The member will be coached through all the steps required to carry out the venture.  
-           WFO Convention: Use exhibits to promote, supply and sell their products and services on fashion.  
-           WFO Corps.: To promote and encourage world peace, WFO Corps helps untapped countries establish economic networks through fashion to promote world peace and improve their quality of life.  
-           WFO Delivery: Provide the express delivery of documents and packages on fashion while maintaining the lowest cost position relative to WFO client's service.  
-           WFO Dispute Resolution: Provide a flexible, rapid and relatively inexpensive way to settle business disputes on fashion. To preserve harmonious business relationships and to resolve disputes involving documentary credits.   -           WFO Insurance: Offers the innovative strength and the motivation to overcome future hurdles and to continue our success. To provide customer satisfaction through continuous introduction of advanced management techniques.   -           WFO Info: The complete summary of all trades on fashion, both in progress and completed. WFO INFO is a scrolling display of live trade information on fashion.  
-           WFO Logistics: Combines custom-developed and best-in-class applications on fashion that provide visibility of goods from origin to destination across the supply chain.  
-           WFO Mart: The leading provider of online marketing services for importers and exporters on fashion. WFO Mart is the number one
destination for buyers and sellers to find trade opportunities and promote client's businesses online in the field of fashion industry.  
-           WFO TV: Integration System which provides 3S (SPEEDY, SIMPLE and SINCERE) information. At real-time provides the information that is necessary for the commerce exchange on fashion.  
-           WFO Quality Management: Serve broad range of advanced company groups and help WFO clients to position their business as industry leaders in the area of profit growth and customer satisfaction.  
-           WFO Academy/University: Create and profitably maintain a global, online-offline academy/university. Provide high quality content and connect students, professors, and professionals from across the globe in a truly international learning environment on fashion.

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