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§ Associate Member as part of WFO National Chapter

Provided that they belong to a WFO National Chapter, to say, any WFO Regional Chapter whose affiliation to a WFO National Chapter is terminated for any reason shall, ipso facto, be removed from membership in WFO.  

The following are eligible for WFO Regional Chapter:

a. Local associations and organizations in the field of international fashion which are truly representative of the international business and professional interests of their members, which do adopt the name of WFO and logo and which are not conducted primarily for political purposes; They may initiate to establish a local WFA by signing the WFO Charter between the Assembly of Governors and the prospective WFO Regional Chapter.    

b. In recommendation of the WFO National Chapter therein, the WFO Board of Governors shall determine the proposed WFO Regional Chapter’s qualifications and consider all other relevant factors, including the best interest of WFO, in passing upon the application. The Board of Governors shall limit membership so that from any one city or economic region there shall be only one WFO Regional Chapter. A majority of the Board of Governors is necessary to approve an application. Upon such approval the applicant shall forthwith be admitted to all of the rights, privileges and duties given by this Constitution and Bylaws.  

c. The WFO Regional Chapter shall be called either in the format of “Country name-WFA-Economic region/City” or vice versa or a much simpler format as “WFA-Economic region/City”, for example, either “US WFA, New York ” or “WFA New York”, unless otherwise duly approved by WFO World Headquarters.  

d. The WFO Regional Chapters who are the locally established associations or organizations already known as WFA (World Fashion Association) or other names than WFA such as International Fashion Association may also be allowed to use both existing name and logo and new WFA name and logo at the same time, if duly approved. However, for those locally established associations or organizations which do not adopt the name of WFA and logo as primary, their precise names are left to the discretion of their members, provided that their relationship with WFO along with WFO name and logo is clearly indicated on their letterhead, publications and documentation. In this case, the WFO Regional Chapter shall be called in the format of “Country name-its own name-Economic region/City” or vice versa or a much simpler format as “its own name-Economic region/City”, for example, either “US International Fashion Council, New York” or “New York International Fashion Council”, unless otherwise duly approved by WFO World Headquarters.

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